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What has been the biggest success story of your career?

April 19, 2023

Recently, we’ve asked our people to share their greatest workplace achievements.

Innovation and revolution

Many of our interviewees agreed that their greatest experiences involved working with innovative Hitachi Construction Machinery. Knut Gaarde, of Norwegian Hitachi dealer Nasta says: “My biggest success was that I was able to join the development of the ZE160 electric machine, which was used for the very first emission-free work site, in Oslo.”

And our cutting-edge Hitachi Construction Machinery excavators have been a key part of other workplace triumphs too! “We are extremely proud of our work at the sea walls in Zeeland,” says Carlo Kloosterman of Dutch contractor Kloosterman BV. “We gained a lot of experience, and from 1984 until 2015 we worked continuously with tens of excavators on the sea walls.”

Company development

Continuous development seems to be a recurring theme in our individuals’ success stories – with many referencing projects that have helped their employer grow.

Mark Watson, who has worked for Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) for 40 years says, “The biggest success story, so far, has been Global e-Service, which has helped us (as a company) to support the customer much better.”

Meanwhile, Nils Olav Haukaas from Nasta says: “I consider my biggest success story to be the continuous growth of sales, since I started in 1994 until the company turned into what it is today.”

A similar story is shared by Kjell Arne Småge from Norwegian contractor Odd Småge: “What I am most proud of is really that my father, together with my two uncles, managed to build this company from scratch […] and now my son is in charge, I’m hoping he will do just as good a job as the generations before him.”

“A success story from the start…”

A representative from our Belgian dealer Luyckx credited Hitachi Construction Machinery quality as a key reason for their success. “With Hitachi, it’s actually been a success story from the start,” says Louis Vinck. “We’ve always had good machines, the quality has been good, and the customers have always been satisfied. This translated into us selling more machines, every year.”


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