Hitachi Construction Machinery



As a pioneer in producing hydraulic excavators, we produce the widest range in the world – from one-tonne Zaxis minis to 800-tonne EX ultra-large mining machines. Hitachi excavators benefit from decades of manufacturing experience, incorporates leading technology, and is renowned for exceptional reliability.

Mini excavators

Good things come in small packages, and Hitachi mini excavators are no exception. Designed to have a big impact on earthmoving, landscaping, general and road construction projects, all Hitachi mini excavators can be used with a variety of buckets and attachments. When your space is limited, our short- and zero-tail swing models are the perfect fit.

Medium excavators

Why are medium excavators the most popular in our entire range? It could be their versatility for various applications, from general construction to quarrying. Or their comfortable cabs with user-friendly controls, fuel-efficient engines or unique hydraulics. You’ll find evidence of our market-leading excavator expertise in every model.

Large excavators

Challenging environments, tough materials, remote locations, tight production deadlines – it’s all in a day’s work for Hitachi large excavators. We designed these 50- to 800-tonne models to operate 24/7 in the world’s most demanding job sites. Powerful, productive and easy to maintain – they highlight everything a Hitachi excavator should be on a grand scale.

Wheeled excavators

At home on- and off-road, our wheeled excavators offer you exceptional mobility and flexibility for construction projects, timber yards, concrete plants and quarries. Sharing several features of our crawler excavators and used with a wide range of attachments, they are a versatile addition to an existing fleet. If you run a smaller firm, this could be the only machine you need.

Special applications

Our extensive range of construction machinery includes factory-modified excavators that meet the demands of several specific industry applications. These include demolition, material handling, forestry, underground excavation and slope finishing.

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