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Hitachi Support Chain is a chain of vital after-sales services created to protect your investment in Hitachi construction machinery. Taking advantage of these services will help you to lower the total cost of ownership, by optimising productivity, minimising downtime, reducing running costs and ensuring high resale values. Above all, Hitachi Support Chain provides peace of mind that your Hitachi construction equipment is performing reliably at the highest level.

Supplied via our European dealer network, Support Chain includes:

  • Global e-Service;
  • Technical Support;
  • HELP (Hitachi Extended Life Program) and service contracts;
  • and Hitachi Parts.



Global e-Service allows you and your local dealer to monitor the reliable performance of your Hitachi equipment online. Operational data, including working hours, pressures, temperatures and payloads, as well as fuel levels and consumption figures, is sent from your machine on a daily basis via GPRS or satellite to a main server managed by Hitachi. It is then processed and available for you to view on the Global e-Service website.

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As a Hitachi customer, you can rely upon professional service technicians to provide the highest level of after-sales support. With full and regular technical training from HCME, each Hitachi technician has access to all latest technical information available in the Hitachi organisation.They can then apply this knowledge to ensure you get the most from your Hitachi machine, optimising productivity and minimising downtime.

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If your equipment operates in severe working conditions and needs additional protection to a full manufacturer’s warranty, or you wish to minimise equipment repair costs, you can benefit from a unique extended warranty, HELP (Hitachi Extended Life Program) or comprehensive service contracts from your Hitachi dealer. These will help to reduce downtime and ensure higher resale values of your Hitachi equipment.

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Using Hitachi Genuine Parts can optimise the performance of your machine and provide peace of mind by avoiding the associated risks of using imitation parts. Built and tested to the same high standards as all Hitachi construction equipment, they allow your machine to work for longer, with lower running costs.

You can choose from a range of parts to suit your requirements: Hitachi Genuine Parts; Hitachi 2Genuine Parts (for older machines); Hitachi Remanufactured Components; and Hitachi Performance Parts.

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