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How data drives profit

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Benefits of using a telematics API

  • Improve safety and productivity, while reducing life-cycle costs.
  • Optimise business operations and improve efficiency.
  • Track and monitor all your assets from one location.
  • Choose between frequencies of 24 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Prevent theft: geofencing can help set up alerts.
  • Automation tools: modern maintenance (with telematics API data provided) helps to reduce equipment failures.
  • Eliminate guesswork: accurate data enables you to make reliable decisions and calculate life-cycle costs.

What data is available?

  • AEMP API provides six basic data sets to users: including operating hours, cumulative fuel used and distance travelled, and last known location.
  • ISO API provides more details and information, such as idling time, fuel remaining ratio, and engine condition.
  • The P-API provides all the above information from the AEMP and ISO APIs, as well as such details as hydraulic oil temperature, CO2 emissions, and digging and swinging hours.

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Telematics data is important to our customers, demand is increasing every day.

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