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Extended warranty and service contracts

If your Hitachi equipment works in severe conditions, or if you want to minimise your repair costs, just ask your local dealer for HELP. The Hitachi Extended Life Program is a unique extended warranty, designed to optimise the performance of your machine, reduce downtime and ensure a higher resale value.

It includes: regular services and inspections to increase availability; oil analysis to monitor the condition of your machine; predictable maintenance costs; and repairs using Hitachi Genuine Parts. With records of all maintenance and repairs, the value of your Hitachi model can be evaluated and potentially increased when you decide to sell it on.

Take your pick from three extended warranty options: Full Coverage, Power Train or a combination of both.

Suitable for extensively operated excavators, wheel loaders and dump trucks, such as those in demolition, mining and quarrying, Full Coverage is an extension of the standard warranty covering the same components for a maximum period of 60 months or 10,000 hours (whatever comes first).

Power Train covers major components, such as hydraulic cylinders, main pumps, swing bearings, travel motors, swing motors and control valves. It starts when the standard warranty expires and is effective for a further 48 months or 8,000 hours. It is ideal if your excavator or wheel loader works in general construction projects.

Why use extended warranty and service contracts?

Peter David,
Head of Machines & Planning

“There are no hidden costs and the resale value of the equipment is strong,” says Peter David, Head of Machines & Planning at Heros Sluiskil.

Ola Skogen,

Owner Ola Skogen says, “The team at Nasta does a great job, especially as they go out of their way to help when the need arises. It’s about the whole package.” (Nasta is Norway’s official HCME dealer)

Jonny Jensen,
LNSG Chief of Construction

LNSG Chief of Construction Jonny Jensen says, “The support from Hitachi is top class in Greenland. It is the only company that can deliver a reliable service in such a location.”

For more information about HELP and comprehensive service contracts, and the components covered by each option, please contact your local Hitachi dealer.

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