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Hitachi ZX210LC-6 offers exceptional versatility to Dutch contractor

January 23, 2018

A Hitachi ZX210LC-6 medium excavator is offering Arco de Visser BV the highest levels of versatility on a challenging project in the province of Zeeland, The Netherlands. The company’s owner, Arco de Visser, has been using the machine to build a trench for a small canal at the Zonnedorp campsite in the coastal village of Renesse, as well as complete landscaping tasks at the five-hectare site.

Arco is one of two subcontractors helping to modernise the campsite. The ZX210LC-6 (video) was supplied by local Hitachi dealer Pladdet (a sub-dealer of Hitachi Construction Machinery Nederland) and specially fitted with a 1.3m³ V-shaped bucket. Pladdet also included several additional options and features with the medium excavator, such as a hydraulic quick coupler and LED work lights.

Loyal to Hitachi

Since he started his company 15 years ago, Arco has relied upon a growing fleet of Zaxis mini and medium excavators. He took delivery of the ZX210LC-6 in March 2017, and it represents his 13th Hitachi machine. His first was a ZX50 mini excavator in 2009. Since then, he has remained loyal to Hitachi, and subsequently invested in other machines, such as a ZX65USB-5, ZX85USB-3, ZX180LC and a ZX19U-5.

The Hitachi fleet is used on a wide variety of projects, including demolition, earthmoving, rental, groundworks and road construction, within a 100km radius of the company’s base in Oostkapelle. Pladdet carries out services on the Hitachi fleet at 500 and 1,000 hours, using Hitachi Genuine parts.

The total package

“I first invested in Hitachi because of the price and the service from my local dealer,” Arco explains. “The relationship I have with Sales Manager Peter van Liere (at Pladdet) is extremely important. Over the years, I’ve noticed improvements in the Hitachi machines, particularly in terms of fuel consumption. We chose this model because it’s powerful, has low fuel consumption, a long lifespan and a high resale value. Overall, we think it’s a fantastic machine.”

The ZX210LC-6’s operator Ronnie Wattel agrees: “I love the work I do and Hitachi adds to my enjoyment. It has the total package: power, speed, a comfortable cab and it looks great on the outside too. The visibility is superb, thanks to the sunroof, the excellent camera angles and in combination with the mirrors, I don’t miss a thing.”

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