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Hitachi launches two new ZW-5 wheel loaders

August 12, 2014

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) has introduced the ZW140-5 and ZW150-5 – two reliable, highly productive and powerful wheel loaders with a reduced impact on the environment and a focus on operator safety and manoeuvrability. With lower fuel costs and powerful engines, they are ideal for working on a variety of demanding job sites.

High productivity and excellent fuel efficiency
The ZW140-5 and the ZW150-5 wheel loaders use significantly less fuel than previous models, while maintaining the same high levels of performance and productivity. The 5.2-litre four-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine delivers a powerful digging performance, impressive travel speeds and has excellent fuel consumption.

In order to help further reduce fuel consumption, Hitachi engineers have equipped both models with the new HST system. As a result, the ZW-5 wheel loaders use less fuel when travelling compared to previous models, and fuel consumption is reduced by approximately 20% when digging. An ECO display in the cab highlights when the wheel loaders are operating economically and results in a fuel-saving performance.

An optional addition is the auto engine shutdown feature. This helps to prevent wastage, unnecessary fuel usage and exhaust emissions by shutting down the engine one minute after the machine has been placed in neutral and the parking brake has been engaged.

With the HST control system, the ZW140-5 and the ZW150-5 work in two different modes, which can be selected by the operator based on the task and terrain. Standard mode is suited to regular operations on a level terrain. P (power) mode gives a greater traction force, which is useful for heavy-duty excavation.  

Another advanced control system, the Traction Control System (TCS) prevents tyre slippage in snow, slippery or muddy conditions by reducing the maximum rim pull. This is highly effective for light applications and ultimately helps to prevent tyre wear and fuel wastage, which also results in reduced running costs.

The inching pedal is beneficial on small job sites or confined areas, as it reduces the travelling speed without the need for braking. Full engine speed is still available for lifting purposes.

Modifications have been made to the spacious cab of both models to offer maximum comfort, provide greater visibility – even further enhanced with an optional rear-view camera – and offer a pleasant and safe working environment. The cab is easy to access, has more storage space for a lunchbox and drinks, and is equipped with an AM/FM radio and MP3 dock.

Effective air conditioning regulates the temperature, and noise levels are reduced thanks to a high level of sound insulation. An optional double air-conditioning filter can also be fitted for working in industrial waste and indoor disposal facilities.

Many features on the ZW-5 wheel loaders, such as the greasing points and oil levels, can now be accessed at ground level, allowing the operator to maintain the machine quickly and easily on a daily basis.

Both the ZW140-5 and the ZW150-5 can work for much longer thanks to convenient features such as the automatic reversible cooling fan, which allows for easy cleaning of the radiator. An optional anti-clogging radiator with a wide fin pitch for operation in dust-filled environments, such as agricultural and waste handling applications, is also available.

Vasilis Drougkas, HCME’s Wheel Loader Product Specialist, says: “The ZW-5 wheel loaders are ideal for working on a variety of job sites. Reliable and fuel efficient, they are easy to maintain and comfortable to operate. We believe the ZW140-5 and ZW150-5 will prove popular among customers in Europe, and will be particularly appealing for rental companies.”


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