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Hitachi high quality paint

Protect your investment in Hitachi machinery with high-quality paint

The exterior of your construction equipment deserves the same care and attention as the high-quality components and technology that lie beneath it. Using Hitachi Genuine Paint ensures the optimum appearance of your machine, which not only creates a positive image for your business, but also contributes to a high resale value.

We want to help you protect your investment in your Hitachi construction equipment.  Hitachi Genuine Paint is the same high-quality product applied to new machines in our factories. So you won’t have to worry about colour changes to your equipment following modifications or repairs.

As a Hitachi customer, two options are available. You can take advantage of the two-component Hitachi Genuine Paint via your local Hitachi dealer.

Consisting of paint, thinner, hardener and a primer, and also available in a spray can, it can be used by professionals for complete repainting or machine touch-ups after modifications.

In addition, a single-component version is ideal for use after repairs and for regular maintenance. It is easy to apply with a roller and brush, and can be completed quickly and conveniently on site. Without the need to take your machine to your dealer, this helps to minimise downtime.

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