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Zaxis-7 attracts fresh talent to Danish firm

April 20, 2022

The latest generation of Zaxis excavators is already earning a stellar reputation in Denmark and is attracting operators from other companies to drive these new and improved machines.

This was the case for Benny Mortensen, an operator for Vestjysk Kloak & Anlaeg (VKA) based in Ulfborg, Denmark, who specialise in groundworks, sewerage, and more recently climate protection projects in West Jutland.

Zaxis-7 brings clear improvements

With 35 members of staff and an increasing workload, VKA also has a ‘flat’ organisational structure that gives employees more control over their work – something which allows operators like Mortensen to experience everything the new Zaxis-7 range has to offer.

“In the winter of 2019-20, I was operating a Hitachi ZX300LC-6 when I was working for a different company,” Mortensen said. “It was a really good excavator, so when VKA decided on the new Zaxis-7 version I was interested and decided to come and operate it with them.”

Customised control

While bringing Mortensen on board, VKA and Danish Hitachi dealer HP Entreprenormaskiner A/S (HPE) consulted with him “to see if the machine was made as agreed, and if I wanted any changes… There are better adjustment options on the seat, the wiper covers the whole pane now, and the screen is completely different – so there are clear improvements.”

Not only can operators like Mortensen benefit from the new ergonomic cab design, but the Zaxis-7’s Aerial Angle® camera system offers 270-degree visibility to help visibility as well. Combined with market-leading TRIAS III hydraulics, the new Zaxis-7 excavator also allows Mortensen to operate with more control, greater accuracy, and more freedom over his work.

“The hydraulics have some new features that you can control, such as controlling where you want the most oil. I also have the Aerial Angle camera system which gives a great view from the cab. It is important for me as a machine operator that I can see the work myself.”

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