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Spotlight on remote fleet management

May 11, 2021

Remote fleet management systems have become widespread in the construction market, driven by the need for greater efficiency, improved safety and enhanced security. Their usage also improves profitability for contractors – helping to enhance availability, increase lifetime and resale value, and lower life-cycle costs.

Spotlight on remote fleet management

These systems have become even more invaluable since the COVID-19 pandemic began, by enabling contractors and engineers to monitor equipment performance safely, from a distance. The data they provide is also becoming more detailed, frequently available and easily accessible.


As one of the first manufacturers to collect information from its equipment, Hitachi has developed a range of tools and services for customers to access machine data. These include online management tools, an automated report service, apps and continual live oil monitoring. We also provide API and that includes more frequency, for example, updates available up to every 10 minutes – making more data available.


Driven by a younger generation


Demand for Hitachi remote fleet management systems is increasing, particularly in the UK, Norway and Finland. In these markets, it is driven by a younger generation of contractors, more tech-savvy than their predecessors, who have a better understanding of how to analyse the data and use it to improve efficiency.


In addition, environmental performance is playing a part, as idling times and fuel consumption can be decisive in winning contracts. The ability to track the location of equipment is also an important advantage of remote monitoring systems, particularly for owners of smaller models and rental companies. Compact equipment is more likely than larger equipment to be stolen, or to move frequently from one job site to another. Location and working hours data can therefore help with theft prevention, planning and scheduling maintenance.


Remote fleet management systems also give manufacturers an opportunity to continue engaging with customers after the sale, providing a service as well as a product. The data they provide will ultimately lead to the design of superior machines for the future.

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