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Portuguese quarry renews its trust in Hitachi with new Zaxis-7 excavator

May 24, 2022

Filstone SPI quarry near Fatima, Portugal has recently received a new Zaxis-7 medium excavator from Portuguese Hitachi dealer, Moviter.

The ZX300LCN-7 has worked 200 hours for the company since its delivery in late February, alongside its existing Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader acquired in 2019.

Customised to conquer all conditions

With enough power to tackle the largest quarrying loads and the manoeuvrability to handle precise and accurate tasks, the ZX300LCN-7 is designed to be a completely versatile machine capable of operating under a variety of conditions. For Filstone, Hitachi attachments such as the hydraulic quick coupler and a

The Zaxis-7 range has operator safety and comfort as a top priority, with a redesigned ergonomic cab, integrated console and seat suspension, and the lowest noise levels in the market with 20% less vibration than previous models. The Hitachi Aerial Angle® system also gives operators superior visibility with a 270-degree bird’s-eye view from the cab, which works to improve safety on site.

A question of trust

When asked why the company chose Hitachi machinery, Filstone CEO Ricardo Jorge was clear that the low operating costs, low fuel and oil consumption, and “excellent productivity” are huge benefits to the quarry. “The best feature would be the reliability. Hitachi machines just don’t have problems,” Jorge said.

More than anything though, the decision to continue purchasing Hitachi machinery “is mainly a question of trust,” Jorge continues. “Hitachi is a brand that inspires trust and after our first experience we learned to trust in Moviter as well, as its after-sales service is excellent.”

Powerful, productive, and easy to use

The operator of the company’s new machine, Gustavo, also appreciates the power and ease of use of the ZX300LCN-7, saying that he most enjoys “the power, speed and the comfort of the machines.”

Gustavo has operated both the new Zaxis-7 machine and the company’s existing ZX490LCH-6, and he can see the differences between the previous model and the new range.

“The ZX300LCN-7 is very easy to work with! The console and switches are user-friendly and make it easy to operate the machine, and the cameras are great. We can use all the available power, but always in a safe way – the machine challenges us to do more, but at the same time it never exceeds its safety limits.”

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