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Portuguese quarries welcome Zaxis-7 large excavators

November 4, 2021

The ZX490LCH-7 is already proving popular among quarrying companies in Portugal. Four customers of local dealer Moviter have invested in the new model, including Windpark, Lda, owned by the IGE Group.

A strong and reliable machine

It is the company’s first Hitachi excavator and Windpark General Manager Nelson Simões says: “We considered the total cost of ownership, compared to other machines, and the Hitachi excavator got the best numbers. After assessing our relationship with Moviter and the quality of the after-sales service, it was an easy decision.”


Another ZX490LCH-7 is working at a quarry owned by Agrepor in Canas de Senhorim, as part of a contract won by Socitop, Lda. “We wanted an excavator to work long hours, without stopping,” says Abel Torres, Socitop’s CEO. “We needed a strong and reliable machine, and also a high level of versatility. The ZX490LCH-7 is an excavator with Hitachi quality and excellent value.”


In Porto de Mós, Leiria, Garcogel has four quarries and specialises in the extraction of marble and limestone blocks. “In our region, there are several Hitachi ZX490 excavators. Our friends said it is a good machine, mentioning the good fuel consumption and overall productivity,” says Garcia Anastácio, founder and CEO of Garcogel. “We have found that the hydraulics are spectacular. The machine is fast, extremely precise and easy to work with.”


Adelino Ferreira, CEO of Brivel S.A., believes the new ZX490LCH-7 is an important asset to the company. “Our operators are delighted – the visibility, controls and feeling inside the cab are excellent. It’s quick and easy to change the attachments. The maintenance is also convenient and easy. The power and speed live up to the Hitachi name. With the support of Moviter, we believe we chose the best solution.”

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