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Rental special

June 9, 2020

In this two-part special we’re going to focus on the construction rental market, as this sector has experienced a significant upturn in recent years, and this trend looks set to continue – especially in light of the lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Spotlight on rental

First, we’re going to talk to a couple of industry experts: Thomas Allen, Editor of International Rental News; and Michel Petitjean, secretary general of the European Rental Association, about why the market is embracing a shift towards renting construction equipment.



In the second part of this rental special, we’re speaking to HCME’s Rental Development Manager Arnold van Benthem about why contractors all over Europe are taking advantage of the business opportunities associated with Hitachi’s Premium Rental programme. And Juan Rodriguez Alvarez, CEO of HJM (HCME’s distributor for the Spanish market) brings us the dealer perspective on rental and how it works for his customers.


Enjoy the listen!


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