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Hitachi introduces new energy-efficient EX-7 excavator

October 15, 2021

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) has announced the launch of the EX2000-7 ultra-large excavator. The new model consumes up to 19% less fuel while maintaining the same levels of productivity as the EX1900-6. This is achieved by energy-efficient features including a new hydraulic circuit and work mode selection function.

Optimising productivity

Its exceptional fuel efficiency also contributes to a reduced life-cycle cost and less environmental impact. Compared to the EX1900-6, the new model can save as much as 460 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, per machine. With an operating weight of 193 tonnes, the EX2000-7 is one of the smaller models in the EX-7 ultra-large excavator range. It is expected to appeal to small- to medium-sized mining operations and larger quarrying sites, where fuel efficiency is essential.


The new hydraulic system – employed for the first time on Hitachi’s ultra-large excavators – will allow more precise management of the hydraulic oil flow in each control valve throughout the digging and loading cycle. The new work mode

selection allows the operator to select one of three options (High Power, Power or Economy) to further optimise productivity and fuel efficiency for different types of operation.


In addition, the EX2000-7 will be equipped for the integration of a remote operation system, operation support system and autonomous operation function. They are in line with HCM’s aim to realise autonomous operations by co-ordinating hydraulic excavators and autonomous haulage systems to enhance safety and boost productivity to new levels.

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