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Grobelco extends decades-long link with Hitachi construction machinery

September 29, 2021

Grobelco – a Belgian company specialising in earth works, road construction, and demolition and recycling – has acquired a new Hitachi ZX300-7, the latest in a long line of Hitachi machines to make a positive impact on its operations. The Zaxis-7 medium excavator was delivered in October 2020 by authorised local dealer Luyckx and has already worked on a number of different projects.

Growing success

Owing to Grobelco’s continuing success and the volume of new assignments it receives, the company made the decision to invest in an additional excavator. In recent years, Grobelco has purchased several Hitachi machines to support its various projects, most recently a ZX300-7 in 2020 and a ZX250-5 excavator and a ZX170W-5 wheeled excavator in 2016.

However, Grobelco’s relationship with Hitachi goes back even further as the company’s Project Manager Patrick Baeten explains: “I’ve been working with Hitachi from the age of 12, and I still remember working with the UH09 model. So, you could say that I’ve been satisfied with Hitachi for 46 years! Even today, we still own the first UH09 that was delivered to Belgium in 1977.

“Selecting the Hitachi ZX300-7 was a logical choice for us, and another contributing factor was the relationship we enjoy with Luyckx. The new machine has already worked 1,000 hours and our operators are highly satisfied with it, including aspects such as the precise hydraulics. Compared to previous Hitachi models, the ZX300-7 has a smoother operation and is more comfortable, and in terms of the business benefit, it has certainly helped us to increase our overall productivity.”

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