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First ZX490LCH-7 in Europe delights operator and dealer in Norway

September 29, 2020

    Construction company Dobloug Entreprenør AS has taken delivery of the first Hitachi ZX490LCH-7 large excavator in Europe. The 52-tonne model is the second Zaxis-7 model for the contractor, which already has a ZX350LC-7 medium excavator in its fleet.

    First ZX490LCH-7 in Norway

    The ZX490LCH-7 was transported from authorised Hitachi dealer Nasta’s headquarters in Larvik to a project in Vognvegen in Hamar at the end of August. Operator Tor Erik Knutsen, who has worked at the company for two years, had personally selected the new machine after viewing photographs of it, and was one of the first to welcome it upon arrival.


    “We get to be part of the whole process at this company – and here I’ve got everything I really want!” he said. Tor Erik has extensive experience working with large construction machinery. Previously he operated a ZX470LCH-5, which eventually had to be replaced due to the environmental requirements of the site.


    He then gained experience with the Hitachi ZX490LCH-6, which was supplied to Dobloug Entreprenør AS on a rental contract in May this year, in anticipation of the arrival of the new Zaxis-7 machine. Tor Erik therefore is ideally placed to compare the three generations of Hitachi’s large excavator range and was highly impressed by the new addition.


    Space and sound improvements


    “The biggest difference is inside the cab,” he said. “Now it is more convenient for the operator and it’s become even more spacious. I’m almost two metres tall and I no longer need to push the seat back completely to reach the pedals. This is probably the first time I’ve experienced that. So now I have plenty of space,” he added with a smile.


    The change in noise level between the new and older models is also noticeable: “Inside the cab, I hear almost nothing when I close the door behind me.”


    Nasta Salesman Kai Ronny Løvtjernet is equally satisfied with the changes that Hitachi has made to the new model. “Both externally and internally, much has been done with regard to sound insulation. It’s great to see that Hitachi has changed almost everything that we salespeople asked for from the previous series – such as ease of use, filter placement, noise reduction and button placement. They have been very responsive to our wishes here in Norway.


    “Another thing, when I compare the Zaxis-6 with the Zaxis-7 models, is that I feel it is more compact. It may be because the engine cover is higher, but the feeling is very good – I can only be happy!”

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