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SLTP operators drive expansion of Hitachi fleet

August 11, 2017


Société Lyonnaise de Travaux Publics (SLTP) has purchased eight Hitachi medium excavators and one mini excavator from its local dealer, Teramat, since October 2016. Operators from the Lyon-based demolition and earthmoving company have driven the investment in five ZX350LCN-6s, two ZX300LCN-6s, a ZX135US-6 and a ZX55U-5 after testing several Zaxis-6 machines against other brands’ equivalent models.

The expansion in its fleet of Hitachi construction machinery is also a reflection of SLTP’s growth and healthy order book for 2017. Among its large contracts this year are: the excavation and demolition work on the Hôtel-Dieu site on the west bank of the Rhône river; a significant excavation project for the Saint-Antoine car park; and some demolition, but mainly restoration work at the Stade Gerland, now home of the Lyon OU rugby union club.

A ZX350LCN-6 delivered in November 2016 was assigned to one of SLTP’s typical projects on Rue Victor Lagrange in the Jean Macé district of the city. The contractor was responsible for the demolition work, loading the materials on up to ten trucks per day and preparing the foundations for construction of a new building.

Hitachi_ZX350LCN-6_Photo02_loOperator comfort

The Zaxis-6 excavator’s operator, Hilarío das Neves Ferreira, has also worked with a ZX350LC-3 and says, “My first impressions are that the cab is very comfortable. The seat is fully adjustable, there are low noise levels and I like the ergonomic control panel. I have found the best feature on this site to be the stability on the uneven terrain, and it is also very precise for extracting and sorting the demolished materials.”

SLTP’s CEO Thomas Jean-Louis says, “Our operators tried out several different excavator makes and models – and Hitachi was the only machine that ALL of them agreed on. Their opinion is of paramount importance to us, because they have to spend more than eight hours a day operating each machine. So, we ensure that we give them the tools they want.

Outstanding fuel efficiency

“In addition, there is no question that Hitachi construction machinery is outstanding in terms of efficiency, fuel consumption and ease of maintenance – we are very satisfied with our choice. Teramat is also responsive to our needs and they always find a quick solution thanks to an excellent after-sales service. We took out an extended five-year, 6,000-hour warranty for all our new Hitachi machines. We are able to monitor our fleet perfectly, and in doing so prevent any breakdowns and therefore unnecessary financial losses.”

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