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Only the best need apply: Hitachi ZX350LCNs at home in Italian quarry

December 12, 2017

If you’re working in a tough quarry, you need machinery that doesn’t break down. That’s the opinion of Basalto La Spicca SpA’s Quarry Manager Luca Dominici. You can see why when on site with the Italian company. Its basalt quarry in southern Umbria demands the most durable construction equipment.

That’s why Basalto La Spicca SpA invested in two Hitachi ZX350LCN-6 medium excavators. These will replace its older Zaxis-3 models. To enhance stability on the quarry floor, the new machines are equipped with double grouser shoes. They’re also fitted with 1.8m3 rock buckets, while one of the ZX350LCN-6s is using a hammer attachment.

Full of promise

According to Luca, the new Zaxis-6 excavators are making a positive impact: “Our machines don’t break down. We had no problems with the ZX350LC-3 after 12,000 working hours, and so the new models promise to be even better!”

Luca has already noticed several differences between the latest and previous generation of Hitachi Zaxis excavators. In terms of fuel consumption, the Zaxis-6 models use around 30% less fuel per hour than the Zaxis-3.

ZX350LCN-6 – key specifications:

  • engine rated power: 210kW (ISO14396)
  • operating weight: 34,200-36,300kg
  • digging depth: 6,500-7,380mm.

Quick and powerful

The medium excavators also join Basalto La Spicca SpA’s existing fleet of Hitachi machinery, which includes two large excavators (a ZX520LCH-3 and ZX470LCH-3), and two ZW250-5 wheel loaders.

Operator Marco Maccaglia has worked on various machines in his 14 years with the company. He’s certainly enjoying his time with the powerful ZX350LCN-6: “The -3 was a very good machine, but the -6 is quicker. It has more power, and is more stable and precise. There is also a high level of comfort and less noise in the cab.”

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