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Hitachi ZX300LC-6 excavator offers the complete package for Czech contractor

August 22, 2017


A Hitachi ZX300LC-6 medium excavator is helping to upgrade a vital stretch of the D1 highway in the Czech Republic, one of the country’s most important transport routes. The Zaxis-6 machine was delivered in September 2016 to ATM CZ a.s., a contractor specialising in road construction, soil stabilisation and demolition projects.

Impressive performance

Incorporating unique Hitachi technology, the ZX300LC-6 has the highest output in its class. It benefits from a six-cylinder engine to increase productivity, while the TRIAS II hydraulic system reduces hydraulic loss and increases efficiency. In addition, the machine’s user-friendly routine maintenance points and durable components have contributed to its reliability on site.

It is Hitachi’s dedication to quality that has endeared the ZX300LC-6 to ATM CZ’s Production Manager Frantisek Tvrdy: “We purchased the excavator primarily because of its reliability. However, we have also seen how happy our operators are when working with the machine.

“In addition, we receive excellent support from NET spol. s r.o, our local Hitachi dealer, and its sub-dealer Austro Baumaschinen, s.r.o. We’ve been so impressed that we’re planning to buy another ZX300LC-6 medium excavator next year.”

A superb technical solution

The overall machine package has impressed its operator Jan Kovalec, who has over 27 years’ experience in the industry. “The ZX300LC-6 is a superb technical solution, and the control system and hydraulics contribute to an impressive performance. It is user-friendly and has been built for operators.”

“In addition, it has a strong engine, and offers high levels of speed and power. Quite simply, this machine is faultless and we’ve never had an issue with it. I have experience of operating many other excavators, but for me, Hitachi is the number one.”

Crucial project

Part of the E50/E65 European road network, the D1 is the main highway between Prague and Brno, the largest cities in the Czech Republic. As part of a broader governmental initiative that started three years ago, work began on a specific 68km stretch of the D1 in February 2017.

ATM CZ is widening the entire section from two to three lanes, with the ZX300LC-6 being utilised for earthmoving and grading on site. The project is taking place near the town of Zruč nad Sázavou, to the southeast of Prague, and was due to be completed in June 2017.

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