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Hitachi machine ‘perfect’ for the job

July 02, 2018

A new Zaxis-6 super long front (SLF) excavator is helping Küper Transport to save time, fuel and money at a project in Pannerden, The Netherlands. The ZX300LC-6 special application machine is used to build stockpiles and create the correct mixture of materials required to make bricks at the Wienerberger AG factory.

Owner Remaldo Küper says: “We were immediately impressed by Hitachi’s in-house solution and the lifting capacity of the 15m-reach model. It’s the perfect machine for this job.”

Efficient solution

Previously, the company had used a conventional machine, which was not as efficient as the Hitachi SLF model for this project. “Some of the materials had to be dug twice as much, which cost us more time, fuel and therefore money. By comparison, we are now able to save 15 litres per hour and complete our normal cycle 30% faster than before.”

ZX300LC-6 SLF – key specifications

  • Engine rated power: 186kW
  • Operating weight: 32,700 – 33,700kg
  • Maximum digging reach: 18,180mm

Operator Davey Heimen is also impressed with the time-saving benefit of the ZX300LC-6: “I’m able to save one hour per day with the Hitachi super long front when scraping and mixing the materials.

“It’s faster to complete this task as I can position the machine further back from where the trucks dump the materials than a conventional machine. I can stay in the same place throughout, because everything I need to do is achievable in one movement.”

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