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Hitachi is a perfect fit for Danish rental company

August 25, 2017

Rental company Gustav HC A/S has invested in a new Hitachi ZX225USLC-6 for its fleet of construction machinery. Based in the Danish city of Herning on the Jutland peninsula, the firm took delivery of the short-tail swing medium excavator in February 2017. It joins a Hitachi ZX225USLC-3, ZX140W-3 and ZX18-3 for use on excavation, utilities and landscaping projects in domestic gardens, yards and other confined spaces.

Supplied by HP Entreprenørmaskiner A/S (HPE), the new model has a two-piece boom that allows the operator to work closely and precisely in the area immediately in front of the machine. Combined with a tilt rotator, this increases its versatility for working in confined spaces.

Owner Gustav H Christensen says: “We continue to buy Hitachi construction machinery due to the speed and overall performance of our current and previous Zaxis excavators, as well as the quality of the hydraulic systems.

“They are also completely reliable – they never break down – and we enjoy the low cost of ownership. In addition, HPE consistently provides us with the best possible solutions and each new machine is delivered to the exact specification we require.”

Popular demand

The four Hitachi machines are primarily rented out (for 70% of the working year) to local contractor Sunds Entreprenør ApS. It specialises in drainage, earthmoving, demolition and foundation work.

One of the first assignments for the ZX225USLC-6 was on Idrœtsvej in the town of Sunds, just to the north of Herning. Sunds Entreprenør ApS was responsible for lifting the old sewage and rainwater pipes from beneath the road and replacing them, before covering the new pipelines over a distance of four kilometres on this and adjoining streets.

Sunds Entreprenør ApS co-owner Henry Povlsen has been working with Hitachi excavators for more than 25 years. “Hitachi is the world’s best construction machinery,” he says. “As the company owner, they never break down and have very low running costs. As an operator, they are luxurious machines to work in. I really like everything about the new Zaxis-6 machine.”

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