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Hitachi home comforts on residential construction project

April 19, 2018

“It’s like sitting on my sofa at home!” That’s the opinion of operator Frederico Motta, on the comfortable cab of the ZX300LCN-6. He used the Zaxis-6 medium excavator to work on a recent earthmoving project in Lugano, Switzerland.

It was one of several Hitachi excavators owned by Contrabi SA on the site. The company was paving the way for the construction of three apartment blocks by excavating 45,000m3 of material, then separating it for recycling.

“This is a great machine,” adds Frederico, “because it’s precise, responsive and strong.”

ZX300LCN-6 – key specifications:

  • engine rated power: 197kW
  • operating weight: 29,900 – 32,300kg
  • bucket capacity: 1.00 – 1.62m3

Reliable, precise and durable

For the company’s president, Gianfranco Croce, an important advantage of owning Hitachi machinery is the service provided by local dealer Probst Maveg. “If there is a problem with a machine, then the whole operation would close down, but thankfully they always come to help and do everything to support us,” he says.

“Hitachi is a very reliable, precise and durable brand, and we’re very happy with the latest Zaxis-6 range at our disposal.”

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