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Lowering the total cost of ownership

Reliable, efficient and with a strong resale value, the ZX220W-5 offers you a comparatively low total cost of ownership. Reliability comes from durable components such as the strengthened front attachment and reinforced undercarriage. It is also the result of easy maintenance features, which enable you to carry out daily checks at ground level or from your seat in the cab and ensure minimal downtime.

Efficiency refers to our HIOS III hydraulic system, which is designed to give you higher productivity with less fuel consumption than previous models. The ZX220W-5 is also equipped with automatic low idle and auto shutdown features, which will also help you to save on fuel costs, as well as reduce CO2 emissions.

Enhancing your versatility

You need the ZX220W-5 to work on a variety of projects, so we have designed it to be as versatile as possible. The hydraulic system, tool management system and two hydraulic circuits make it easy to use different attachments.

You can choose from the widest range of tyres, depending on your location and the application. A two-piece boom is available if you are working in confined areas, and a wider undercarriage can be selected if you require greater stability. And when you need to move to the next project, the ZX220W-5 will get there quickly and easily without a trailer.

Grötz GmbH & Co. KG

A ZX220W-5 was used by Grötz GmbH & Co. KG on an earthmoving and drainage job in Bruchsal, Germany. Grötz installed an underground drainage pipe and excavated a sand-based pool to take away and absorb rainwater from an asphalt training area that was previously susceptible to flooding.

Excavating 800m3 per day, the ZX220W-5 was the ideal machine for this type of work according to foreman Alain von Bonn: “The Hitachi wheeled excavator is a high-quality product and the complete package for carrying out a wide range of tasks, from digging trenches to loading trucks. It also has to work on sand and then move along the asphalt access road to work on a grass area.”

Grötz GmbH & Co. KG

Operator Richard Leibold used a ZX220W-5 on an earthmoving and drainage job for Grötz GmbH & Co. KG. He says, “I’m really happy with the overall performance of the ZX220W-5. It does exactly what I want it to do, and it is powerful, stable, smooth and fast. The power and lifting capacity are also impressive, and the handling is the machine’s best feature – excellent for a machine in this class.

“Everything in the cab is great too, especially the low noise levels, air conditioning and comfortable seat, which is very important in a wheeled excavator. I have a good view of the site and tyres, and it’s easy to change attachments. The multi-function monitor is also useful for checking the fuel consumption, service information and the rear-view camera, which I use frequently and especially when swinging around.”


  • Model CodeZX220W-5B
  • Engine Rated Power (kW)122 kW (164 HP)
  • Operating weight (kg)21 400 - 24 000 kg
  • Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped0.51 - 1.20 m³
  • Max. digging depth (mm)5 260 - 6 310 mm
  • Bucket digging force (kN) ISO158 kN

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