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Reduced running costs

When we developed the Zaxis-5 range of mini excavators, one of our main aims was to enhance fuel efficiency. This would not only lower your running costs, but also reduce the environmental impact of our equipment.

To achieve this aim, we designed the ZX65USB-5 with an advanced energy saving system. This combines the ECO mode, auto idle and isochronous control features to significantly reduce fuel consumption, as well as lower noise levels and emissions. We also fitted a new engine and an electric governor, which work together with the efficient HHH hydraulic system to ensure the excavator uses less fuel than the previous model (7% less in PWR mode).

Optimum performance

Your ZX65USB-5 has been designed to work reliably, with minimum downtime, across a wide range of applications. Its convenient maintenance features let you carry out cleaning and service tasks quickly on site, then return to your work as soon as possible.

The excavator’s daily inspection points have been grouped together for easy access, and the covers open widely and conveniently to reach the radiator, engine and fuel tank. An optional tilting device for the floor provides even greater access for service and maintenance jobs.

Keeping your ZX65USB-5 clean is simple, thanks to the two-piece floor mat, and an interior filter fitted to the air conditioning system that captures dust and air particles effectively.

Case studies

NEWO-BAU in Germany has a fleet of ten Hitachi machines, including mini and medium excavators, and specialises in utilities. Managing Director Bernd Riedlmeier says, “A strong workforce combined with cutting-edge equipment are the key factors to securing a competitive place in the market. Our two ZX65USB-5s will help to increase the company’s productivity, particularly in areas requiring more precise work.

“The other Hitachi excavators in the fleet are working to capacity and need additional support. For every medium excavator, we ensure there is a compact model working alongside it, carrying out smaller jobs such as the installation of utilities on new housing sites.”

LNS Greenland (LNSG) has been commissioned to build and operate the Aappaluttoq ruby and pink sapphire mine. Its fleet of Hitachi machines includes a ZX65USB-5, which was used to prepare the groundworks for the mine’s workshop.

Project Director Peter Madsen says: “Hitachi machines are ideal for the type of work we do in such an isolated location. The maintenance work is easy to carry out and our technicians find it straightforward when it comes to replacing spare parts. The wheel loaders and excavators are the most reliable option and are particularly robust given the tough conditions. The fuel efficiency of each machine is also a positive.”


  • Model CodeZX65USB-5
  • Engine Rated Power (kW)34.1 kW (46.4 HP)
  • Operating weight (kg)6 140 - 6 290 kg
  • Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped0.22 m³
  • Max. digging depth (mm)3 770 - 4 120 mm
  • Bucket digging force (kN) ISO41.1 kN


  • Entry level

    If you require a Hitachi mini excavator for straightforward excavation tasks, the basic machine will perform perfectly.

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  • Mid-spec

    If you need added versatility, this Hitachi mini excavator is fitted with a quick coupler for switching attachments easily, and it can be used with buckets of different shapes and sizes for a variety of tasks.

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  • High-spec

    A truly multifunctional machine, this Hitachi mini excavator acts as an effective tool carrier for a wide variety of demanding jobs. Suitable for use with a range of hydraulic attachments, it can be controlled using auxiliary function levers or foot pedals, depending on your preference.

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  • Custom

    Your Hitachi mini excavator can also be built to include specifications selected by you.

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Entry level

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In configuration


In configuration


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  • Upper structure
  • Tracks
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
  • Safety
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