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Safe and reliable

The robust design of the air-conditioned cab provides a safe and comfortable working environment. The ZX160LC-5G offers plenty of legroom and easy access, and the control panel and levers are within easy reach of the adjustable seat. It also includes a multilingual and multifunctional monitor, and rear-view camera.

Equipped with a tough engine and efficient cooling system, this Hitachi medium excavator can work reliably on challenging job sites around the world. Its front attachment is also durable, thanks to several strengthened and reinforced components to reduce wear and jolts. The undercarriage is also strengthened with thicker brackets, for example, and the upper structure frame has been reinforced.

Excellent productivity

Using our HIOS III hydraulic system, we have enhanced the speed and productivity of the ZX160LC-5G. The power boost function gives 10% greater digging force when required, and the auto power lift mode boosts lifting power by 10% for heavy loads such as concrete pipes.

With greater productivity comes lower fuel consumption, too. We have reduced the fuel consumption by 4% (compared to the ZX160-3 model), and 16% in ECO mode (compared to the PWR mode). You will also find the ZX160LC-5G easy to maintain, with conveniently located features for quick inspection from ground level. Handrails and slip-resistant plates ensure you can complete maintenance jobs safely.


  • Model CodeZX160LC-5G
  • Engine Rated Power (kW)90.2 kW (121 HP)
  • Operating weight (kg)16600 - 17700 kg
  • Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped0.60 - 0.82 m3
  • Max. digging depth (mm)5 620 - 6 490 mm
  • Bucket digging force (kN) ISO122 kN

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