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Greater productivity

Swing power is vital for large excavators when moving buckets full of heavy materials and loading them onto a dump truck. So we developed our ZX870LCH-5G with a new swing device that improves its swing torque by 9% compared to the previous model.

The large Zaxis excavator also benefits from our unique HIOS IIIB hydraulic system, developed with industry-leading technology. It increases the operating speed with less fuel consumption, resulting in greater productivity and lower running costs. The ECO mode cuts fuel consumption by a further 10% compared to the PWR mode.

Durability you can depend on

A robust boom and arm on the front attachment are essential for operating in tough African job sites such as mines and quarries. We have equipped the ZX870LCH-5G with an H-boom and H-arm with thicker plates than those of the previous model for added durability.

The ZX870LCH-5G has a reliable undercarriage and strengthened upper structure. The engine is also renowned for its reliability and durability in challenging environments around the world. It has an excellent cooling system thanks to the parallel arrangement of the radiator and oil cooler.


  • Model CodeZX870LCH-5G
  • Engine Rated Power (kW)360W (483 HP)
  • Operating weight (kg)83 800 – 84 400 kg
  • Backhoe Bucket ISO Heaped3.50 – 4.30 m³
  • Max. digging depth (mm)7,140 – 8,870
  • Bucket digging force (kN) ISO402 – 472

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