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Safe for demolition

Our excavators are designed to be powerful to demolish the toughest structures; precise to work safely – particularly in urban areas; and protective of you in the cab.
The standard ZX250 to ZX870 models can be fitted with additional safety features, such as cab and undercarriage guards. Our demolition machines, fitted with mono, two- or three-piece booms, can reach up to 40m.

Case studies

Kevin Penny,

UK-based plant hire and demolition company RM Penny owns a ZX350LC-5 high-reach demolition excavator, which has an industry-leading reach of 23m for an OEM machine.

Operator Kevin Penny found it easy to operate: “The settings for the attachments are pre-set for flows and pressures, so they can rotate steadily and at the right speed. It’s also easy to change attachments because of this.”

The comfort and visibility of the Zaxis-5 excavator also impressed him: “Once the door closes, the cab feels like your space – like it has been designed specifically for you. I don’t always need to tilt the cab when working at heights, because the visibility through the extended glass panel in the roof is excellent.”

Florian Trinkl,
Owner B Trinkl

Florian Trinkl and his brother run a demolition company in south Germany. The ZX470LCH-5 high-reach demolition machine is one of five high-reach machines in the B Trinkl fleet.

“The key purchase decision criteria were simplicity of design, operator comfort and suitability for our projects – and Hitachi offered the best overall package,” he says.

“Speed and precision are more important than having a large excavator. The design of the Zaxis-5 range looks trustworthy and we are very happy with the return on fuel economy. We have also ordered a standard front attachment to further enhance its versatility and it has the capacity to use all of the attachments at our disposal.”

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