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Powerful performance

Designed for material handling and foundations, the SCX900HD-2 delivers a powerful performance. It is equipped with greater capacity winches and a more powerful engine than the proven SCX900-2 model.

The multiple wet-disc brake installed in the front and rear winches of the SCX900HD-2 prevents brakes from overheating for continuous duty cycle operations. The wider winches enable longer wire rope to be installed in the first layer, so the crane can provide a larger line pull for the job. A newly designed cab enhances visibility through the front and both side windows for safety and efficiency.

Reduced costs

The SCX900HD-2 has been designed to be easy to maintain to reduce costs and enhance the profitability of your business. No maintenance is required on the winches – equipped with proven technology – even in continuous duty cycle operations, significantly reducing costs.

Transportation costs were also a consideration during the design process and, as a result, the side frames of the SCX900HD-2 can be retracted to 3,400mm. This enables the crane to be transported with tracks and assembled quickly.


  • Model CodeSCX900HD-2
  • Engine Rated Power (kW)272
  • Maximum lift capacity (t×m)90×4.0
  • Maximum boom length (m)60.0
  • Maximum boom + fly jib (m)-
  • Maximum line pull (kN)245

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