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To ensure you get the best performance from your construction equipment, our Hitachi R&D team has developed a range of products that protect individual components within your machine, as well as increase overall reliability and productivity. Take Hitachi Genuine Oils. They are proven to last longer than other oils and will also reduce your running costs. The range includes engine, hydraulic and gear oils, as well as axle oils for ZW wheel loaders.

If your machine works in extreme temperatures, using Hitachi Genuine Long Life Coolant will protect it against rust and corrosion. Tested in severe conditions, it has been formulated with organic ingredients and ensures long-term protection.

Heros Sluiskil BV in The Netherlands has three ZW310 wheel loaders and a ZX350LC-5 excavator running 16 hours a day.

Hitachi filters and lubricants help to withstand the difficult conditions – due to abrasive waste – and reduce downtime at its processing site in The Netherlands.

“There has been no reason for us to choose any other oils or lubricants. It is a strong guarantee for us, and oil consumption is very low.” Peter David, Head of Machines & Planning.

Peter David and his colleagues at Heros Sluiskil BV have peace of mind for the entire working life of their fleet: “There are no hidden costs.”

High performance

Due to the harsh conditions in which your machine operates, it’s important to use the right oil and replace it periodically. For Zaxis-5 or ZW wheel loaders, Hitachi Genuine Engine Oil DH-2 meets the latest emission-control regulations. It has been designed specially for use in Hitachi construction machinery engines with or without muffler filters.

Extending machine life

Most hydraulic component failures are linked to problems with hydraulic oil, such as using old or contaminated lubricants. Hitachi Genuine Hydraulic Oil 5000 extends oil change intervals thanks to its 5,000-hour life span. Hitachi Genuine Hydraulic Oil Multi is ideal for machines used with multiple attachments including breakers, and in hot climates.

Reduced costs

You can significantly reduce your maintenance costs by using Hitachi Genuine Gear Oil. It reduces wear of gears and bearings in the swing reduction gear, and has been developed to enhance the performance of the travel gear.

Our gear oil is highly adaptable to changes in temperature. It allows for smooth oil circulation at low temperatures and enhances the strength of oil film at high temperatures. It also improves fuel consumption, thanks to an excellent friction specification.

Axle protection

The axle of your ZW180, ZW220, ZW250 and ZW310 wheel loaders is required to have extreme capabilities and heat resistance. Hitachi Genuine Axle Oil has been manufactured specifically for these models and guarantees an excellent performance, even when your wheel loader works for long hours and under harsh conditions, and regardless of the range in temperature.

Enhancing durability

Hitachi Genuine Long Life Coolant can be used in all cooling systems of Hitachi construction equipment, even when working in extreme temperature variations. It offers maximum protection against freezing in temperatures as low as -37°C and helps to prevent rust and corrosion. Compatible with seals and paints, it contains no silicates, phosphates, chromates, nitrites or boron, which reduces its impact on the environment.

For more information about Hitachi Genuine Oils, please contact your local dealer.

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