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Hitachi Construction Machinery has authorised dealers and subsidiaries all over the world. Find your local dealer for expert advise in construction machinery below.


Austria Kiesel
Belgium Luyckx and Elsen Traktor for minis
Bulgaria Z & M
Czech Republic NET

Estonia Rotator
Finland Rotator
France Dealer locator
Germany Kiesel 

Greece Helma S.A.
Hungary MPH Építőgép

Iceland  Vélafl
Italy Dealer Locator
Latvia Alwark SIA
Lithuania MHM

Netherlands Hitachi CM Nederland
Norway NASTA

Poland Kiesel
Portugal Moviter
Romania Utirom
Serbia West Balkans Machinery

Spain HJM
Sweden Delvator
Switzerland Probst Maveg
United Kingdom Hitachi CM UK


Algeria SMT Africa
Angola Moviter
Benin SMT Africa
Burkina Faso SMT Africa
Cameroon SMT Africa
Central African Republic SMT Africa
Chad SMT Africa
Congo (Brazzaville) SMT Africa
Congo (Kinshasa) SMT Africa

Equatorial Guinea SMT Africa
Gambia SMT Africa
Ghana SMT Africa
Guinea Bissau SMT Africa
Guinea-Conakry SMT Africa
Ivory Coast SMT Africa
Liberia SMT Africa
Mali SMT Africa
Mauritania SMT Africa

Morocco SMT Africa
Niger SMT Africa
Nigeria SMT Africa
Senegal SMT Africa
Sierra Leone SMT Africa
Togo SMT Africa
Tunesia SMT Africa
Other countries

Middle East


Brazil Portoguese
Latin America Spanish
North America English / French



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