Hitachi Construction Machinery


Industry solutions

Our comprehensive range of construction machinery spans a wide variety of job sites and industries. Wherever you work and whatever your requirements, you will find a Hitachi excavator, wheel loader, dump truck, crane or item of compaction equipment that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations.


Hitachi construction machinery can be found hard at work on a variety of infrastructure projects. Our extensive range of excavators, wheel loaders and compaction equipment is at home on commercial and residential building sites. It is also ideal for heavy excavation work, utilities installation, road and urban construction.

Mining and quarrying

We have designed our mining and quarrying equipment to make a big impact on productivity and efficiency. You can rely on Hitachi large excavators, rigid dump trucks and wheel loaders to handle vast quantities of materials 24 hours a day and deliver substantial cost savings over their life cycle.

Waste and recycling

You can take your pick from our line-up of standard Hitachi excavators, wheel loaders and specially developed material handling machines for your waste and recycling activities. Our material handling excavators offer the same high levels of reliability as you would expect from our standard models, but also offer enhanced visibility, greater stability, and various attachments and options


This kind of application demands specialised and reliable machines, which is something that Hitachi excels in. Our modified short-tail swing excavators have been designed to provide greater stability, durability and excellent visibility for all kinds of forestry work, giving you peace of mind out in the field.


What goes up must come down, eventually – even the tallest and toughest structures. Our range of demolition excavators combines power with precision to complete the most demanding projects. They also offer a high level of safety for you in the cab, with additional protection and excellent visibility.


If you own a rental company, our construction equipment ticks all the boxes for reliability, minimal downtime and excellent fuel economy. If you’re a contractor, our machines are an ideal choice for your short-term projects, thanks to their user-friendly controls, a comfortable cab and low running costs.

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