Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe)


Remote monitoring for Hitachi construction machinery

Owner’s Site and ConSite are two applications that allow you to monitor Hitachi construction machinery remotely. Together, they provide information that helps to maximise efficiency, minimise downtime and improve the overall performance of your Hitachi fleet

Owner’s Site

Hitachi ZW250-5 wheel loader fills bucket
The location and movements of each machine are clearly displayed, helping you to plan your work across different job sites
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Hitachi ZW370-5 wheel loader
Manage your maintenance programme through the Owner’s Site to help keep downtime to a minimum
Owner’s Site on a tablet
As each project is different, you can customise the dashboard to view all of the relevant data by defined group or job site
Owner’s Site on a laptop
Want to know which of your machines is more efficient? Owner’s Site enables you to compare operating hours in order to maximise productivity
Hitachi ZX135US-5 excavator
Keep a close eye on fuel costs by analysing fuel consumption
Hitachi ZX140W-5 wheeled excavator
CO2 emissions are highlighted, so you can be sure you are complying with environmental regulations
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Hitachi ZX870LCR-5 excavator
ConSite automatically sends out monthly emails to summarise important information for each of your Hitachi machines, including a detailed analysis of operational data, ratios and hours
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Hitachi ZH210LC-5 hybrid excavator
Daily working hours and fuel consumption are highlighted in a colour-coded calendar format, giving an insight into productivity and efficiency
Hitachi ZX470LCH-5 excavator
The report includes non-operation and swing efficiency ratings, and ratios that compare the machine’s performance against the same model class in that region
Hitachi engineers inspecting excavator’s engine
The monthly analysis of these variables is then compared to the total lifetime of the machine in a user-friendly web chart, and a line graph illustrates the actual and projected number of hours
Hitachi ZX470LCH-5 excavator
Information from ConSite reports helps determine the actual usage of your machine and your maintenance planning
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