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The first Hitachi hybrid ZH210LC-5 arrives in the UK

The very first Hitachi hybrid machines to be used in the UK have been purchased by Flannery Plant Hire Ltd. The ZH210LC-5 uses the latest and most advanced technology ever used in a Hitachi machine to significantly reduce running costs while maintaining the same efficient performance. The unique hybrid technology also produces fewer emissions and uses less fuel for a reduced environmental impact compared to other excavators.

The purchase continues Flannery Plant Hire Ltd’s programme of continually investing in the cutting edge of modern, eco-friendly and cost effective excavators and construction machinery. Incorporated in 1972, the company has built a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles from its base near Wembley Stadium, with depots in Manchester, Newport, Birmingham and Northumberland for nationwide coverage. The landmark excavator also serves as a great milestone for the more than four decades of business between Flannery Plant Hire Ltd and Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) Ltd.

To find out more, visit the Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK) website.

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