Snapshots from Japan

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has a strong reputation among its customers, but what do the people working at the head office in Tokyo and production and test facilities in Japan think of the company behind the machines? iGround Control asked some key employees for their opinion during the filming of HCME’s new corporate movie.

HCM Chairman of the Board Michijro Kikawa HCM President Yuichi Tsujitomo Assembly Section Manager Ryo Nakajima Foreman Junichi Nakamura Assistant Manager Kazuhiko Mori Production Management Centre Manager Takayuki Shiratori Senior Engineer and Manager Tsuyoshi Nakamura Senior Engineer Masashi Takano Assistant Manager Koji Otani
HCM Chairman of the Board Michijro Kikawa
My role allows me to explore good relations and more collaboration between HCM and Hitachi, Ltd. – the priority is the development of technology.
Michijiro Kikawa
Joined HCM in 1970
Chairman of the Board (President 2006-12)
HCM President Yuichi Tsujitomo
Our strategy varies by region and what it needs. Our aim is to understand these requirements and manufacture products close to the customers.
Yuichi Tsujimoto
Joined HCM in 1979
President and CEO
Assembly Section Manager Ryo Nakajima
Hitachi is currently number three. However, if we continue to adapt to new technology, then we can go on to become the global market leader.
Ryo Nakajima
Joined HCM in 2009 (from another group company)
Assembly Section Manager
Foreman Junichi Nakamura
HCM is one of the leading companies in the Hitachi group and famous all over Japan. I am very loyal and proud to say that I work for Hitachi.
Junichi Nakamura
Joined HCM in 1987
Foreman, Assembly Section
Assistant Manager Kazuhiko Mori
The highlight of my job is if we reach the targeted number of units for each day, because it happens as a result of the combined effort of the whole team to reach this goal.
Kazuhiko Mori
Joined HCM (from another company) in 1985
Assistant Manager, Assembly Section
Production Management Centre Manager Takayuki Shiratori
Despite the earthquake and thanks to a massive team effort, we got back to normal by improving our processes and adjusting our plans.
Takayuki Shiratori
Joined HCM in 1982
Production Management Centre Manager
Senior Engineer and Manager Tsuyoshi Nakamura
Hitachi places emphasis on controllability… We are the only company to have this level of expertise in tuning and the technology can’t be easily copied.
Tsuyoshi Nakamura
Joined HCM in 1992
Senior Engineer and Manager of the Construction Equipment Development Centre
Senior Engineer Masashi Takano
Our aim is to ensure that customers don’t have any issues with the machines... To achieve this, HCM’s priorities are safety, quality, delivery and cost.
Masashi Takano
Joined HCM in 1991
Senior Engineer at the Quality Assurance Centre
Assistant Manager Koji Otani
The best part of our job is to detect a fault on a machine and help to ensure that it won’t happen in the market.
Koji Otani
Joined HCM in 1992
Assistant Manager at the Urahoro Test Site
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