Small wonders

Officially launched at Bauma 2013, the new Hitachi Zaxis-5 range of mini excavators are small, but…


  • Hitachi mini excavator working on utility project
    Used with a wide range of attachments, Hitachi mini excavators can work on general and road construction, earthmoving and utilities projects.
  • Zaxis-5 mini at work in a confined space
    Thanks to the short-tail swing, the Zaxis‑5 models can be used in confined spaces.
  • Low-noise stack muffler
    A low-noise stack muffler is optionally available for the ZX33U-5 and ZX38U-5, and standard on the ZX48U-5, ZX55U-5 and ZX65USB-5 models.
Zaxis-5 mini excavators enhanced cab


  • Spacious cab of the Zaxis-5 mini excavator
    The spacious cab has more legroom and a wider seat than Hitachi Zaxis-3 excavators.
  • Enhanced visibility from the cab
    The enlarged front window and door provide a better view of the construction site.
  • Easier cab access via entrance step
    Access to the cab of the Zaxis-5 mini excavator is easy via a single door and an entrance step.
Improved operator comfort


  • New LCD monitor
    The new advanced energy-saving system results in fuel cost savings of up to 21% (ZX33U-5) compared to the equivalent Hitachi Zaxis-3 excavator.
  • Hitachi Zaxis-5 mini excavator
    Each new Hitachi mini excavator has an electronic governor device that provides greater fuel economy and high levels of efficiency.
  • Stage IIIA-compliant engine
    The Zaxis-5 excavators are equipped with an efficient Stage IIIA-compliant engine.
ECO power mode switch

easy to maintain

  • New compact sliding engine cover
    Minimal space is required to open the compact sliding engine cover of the new Hitachi mini excavators.
  • Hinged radiator cover
    The new radiator cover has a handle and hinge, instead of bolts, for easy inspection.
  • Interior air conditioning filter
    The interior filter for the air conditioning system of the new Hitachi mini excavator can be easily removed for cleaning.
Easy maintenance


  • Enlarged opening of the swing post
    The enlarged opening of the swing post and a new hose guide cover have enhanced the durability of the hoses.
  • Boom cylinder
    The durability of the machine has been enhanced now the boom cylinder is fixed with two mounting bolts.
  • New box-type frame
    The new box-type frame enhances the durability of the new Zaxis-5 mini excavators.
Strengthened front attachment
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