Quality guaranteed

How does Hitachi ensure its construction machinery is of the highest quality? With stringent testing procedures carried out at its Urahoro Test Site in Japan.

Where is it?
The Test Site is located in Urahoro, 50km east of Obihiro, Sapporo. The rural region has temperatures ranging from -25°C to 35°C.
How big is it?
It covers 427 hectares, up to 3.3km long and 1.8km wide at its furthest points. A license has been issued for excavation work on 153 hectares – the size of 30 Tokyo Domes (a 55,000-seat baseball stadium in Tokyo).
Which Hitachi machines are tested there?
Assistant Manager Koji Otani says: “Most Hitachi product lines are tested here, including Zaxis mini, medium, large and wheeled excavators, medium and larger wheel loaders, and the large AC-drive rigid dump trucks.”
What kind of tests?

The main tests are for durability, stress and performance.

Durability includes an excavating and operating test from 1,000 to more than 10,000 hours, and a non-stop 24-hour swinging test with a remote-controlled machine.

Stress incorporates machines travelling along a bumpy test track, and being subjected to a strength test by hooking the bucket to a fixed object.

To test performance, measurements are taken for such variables as productivity and fuel consumption.

What else happens there?

The site is also used for:

  • Zaxis-5 excavator end-user tests
  • supporting the development of advanced technology, such as fleet management for Hitachi dump trucks
  • demonstration opportunities for Hitachi customers in Japan
  • other promotional events for the domestic market and local community.

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