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Hitachi construction machinery is manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities. Its Tsuchiura Works factory in Japan is the largest of its kind in the world. Here are the numbers behind its production and assembly operations…


The Medium-sized Products Section of the Production Management Centre produces 10‑40 tonne excavators, planning everything from the order to the shipment of machines.

Production Management Centre


The most popular Hitachi Zaxis medium excavator to be produced by the Medium-sized Products Section is the ZX200 (ZX210 in Europe).

ZX200 medium excavator assembly line


On average 53 Zaxis 10-40 tonne medium excavators roll off the mixed-model assembly line each day.

Mixed-model assembly line


There are 160 Assembly Section employees working two shifts: 06.15 to 14.45; and 14.45 to 23.15.

Part of the truckframe team


120 different model variations can be produced from the 32 base models in a cycle time of 12-14 minutes.

Model variations on the assembly line


Zaxis-3 and Zaxis-5 models are produced side by side, although the former range is slowly being superseded. There are three types of Zaxis-5 models, with different specifications for China, other parts of Asia, America, Europe and Japan to comply with the emissions regulations for each region.

Zaxis-3 and Zaxis-5 assembly line


“Hitachi is currently number three in the industry,” says Ryo Nakajima, Manager of the Assembly Section for medium and large excavators. “However, if we continue to adapt to the new technology that is available from other Hitachi companies, then we can hopefully go on to become the global market leader.”

Assembly Section Manager Ryo Nakajima


There are four teams in the Assembly Section
– mainframe, truckframe, inspection and customisation – in the medium excavator assembly group. For the large excavator assembly group, there are three teams
– mainframe, inspection and customisation.

Medium excavator assembly teams


There are 80 people in the medium Zaxis mainframe and truckframe teams (40 per shift).

Mainframe and truckframe assembly lines


There are a total of 3,429 employees at the Tsuchiura Works factory.

Tsuchiura Works factory employees
  • 10-40
  • ZX200
  • 53
  • 160
  • 120
  • Zaxis-5
  • 3
  • 4
  • 80
  • 3,429
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