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Two new Zaxis-5 models make their debut in the UK and Belgium


  • The first ZX290LC-5 to be delivered to a customer in Belgium laid sewage and water pipes for a new housing development in Genk.

  • Delivered by Belgium’s official Hitachi dealer, Luyckx, the excavator was fitted with a 1.3m3 bucket and a special clamp, used to lift pipes weighing up to ten tonnes. It also lifted manhole inspection chambers weighing 12,000 kilos.

  • “We invested in this excavator because of its lifting capacity,” said owner Joris Roebben (right). “I’ve been impressed by its smooth operation and swing motion, thanks to the TRIAS hydraulics.”

    Operator Yves Jans (left) says: “It is very responsive and easy to manoeuvre, and it’s also a quiet machine, which makes it ideal for working in residential areas. Another advantage is that it has excellent fuel consumption for a 30-tonne excavator.”

  • “The new Hitachi models are always faster than the previous generation,” says Joris, “and the comfort levels are improved. Every time Hitachi brings out its latest range, we believe that this is the best machine yet, but then they do it again.”


  • The first UK company to take delivery of a ZX470LCH-5 was demolition specialist Hughes & Salvidge. Its first project was the demolition of several buildings at Pfizer’s manufacturing and distribution site in Hampshire.

  • Equipped with a pulveriser attachment, it was used to crush reinforced concrete, which was pulled down by a ZX470LCH-3 high-reach excavator. Both machines were supplied by Hitachi Group company HM Plant Ltd.

  • Hughes & Salvidge Managing Director Martyn Burnett says: “The most important advantage of the new Zaxis-5 models for my business is the reduced running costs. The new Stage IIIB engine of the ZX470LCH-5 uses less fuel than the previous model and results in a saving of tens of thousands of pounds.”

  • Operator Nick Winter says: “I’ve operated the ZX460LCH, the ZX470LCH-3 and now the ZX470LCH-5. Every model is better than the last. The technology has been enhanced on the latest model, it’s also comfortable, and the fuel-efficient Stage IIIB engine is another improvement.”

  • Some modifications, such as the cab guard, were added by UK dealer HM Plant to comply with UK safety regulations.

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