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Why data is king in construction

The use of telematics systems in the construction industry is becoming increasingly invaluable, with the technology being used to share a wide range of information relating to an individual machine or an entire fleet.

For construction equipment owners, telematics allows them to monitor the location and performance of their machinery and equipment, ensuring it is being used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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One of the biggest issues for owners of mixed fleets is to be able to access all of their machine data on one platform. This is overcome by the use of an API (application programming interface), which allows the applications of different manufacturers to communicate with one another.

Hitachi provides a telematics API so contractors can view data either on their existing manufacturer-supplied platform (such as Hitachi Global e-Service) or on independent fleet management software (such as the one provided by ABAX).

Yemi Onabiyi, Service Business Support Engineer for HCME

“The API is like a waiter in that it facilitates fleet management. It receives a set of instructions or request from a source, takes that request to the database, fetches the required data or facilitates a set of actions, and then returns a response to the source.”

Yemi Onabiyi, Service Business Support Engineer for HCME.

Telematics in construction

Having all the information about different brands of equipment in one place makes life easier, enabling contractors to manage their fleet more simply and effectively, and saving time and money, on the job site and in service operations.

Analysing the data enables contractors to make savings on fuel consumption, plan work more efficiently, as well as schedule preventative maintenance effectively to ensure high availability and a higher residual value. It also helps to monitor environmental performance, which is increasingly vital for tenders on government projects.

Owner using software to monitor machinery
Using software to monitor machinery

Our software partner

Hitachi works closely with ABAX to provide comprehensive fleet management software to owners of mixed equipment fleets. Its solution gives you complete control over your construction equipment, as well as tools, vehicles and other assets.

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