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Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavator

Create your vision with Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators

After the successful introduction of our 25-90 tonne Zaxis-7 excavators last year, we have some new smaller additions to the line-up!

The latest Zaxis-7 medium excavators have been designed and engineered to help operators and owners to create their vision.

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Operator holds globe with Hitachi ZX-7 excavator

Operators in control

Hitachi puts operators in control of their comfort and safety with the new range of Zaxis-7 excavators.

In control of comfort

Operators will enjoy working in the perfect working environment with Hitachi’s redesigned, state-of-the-art Zaxis-7. The ultra-spacious ZX130-7 to ZX225US-7 excavators offer the ultimate in comfort and quality, as well as some of the lowest noise and vibration levels in the market.

Easy operation comes from the new ergonomic design of the console and switches, and convenient access to controls. The synchronised motion between the seat and console ensures operators feel less tired at the end of the working day. The improved pedal layout and ample head clearance help to make this the most spacious Hitachi cab yet.

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In control of safety

To enhance safety, Hitachi Zaxis-7 excavators offer a superior view of the job site. The Aerial Angle camera system provides an exceptional 270-degree bird’s-eye view, and operators can choose from six image options to view the machine’s immediate environment.

New LED work lights and a windscreen wiper with an increased sweeping area enable operators to work with greater confidence in difficult conditions.

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Hitachi owner holds globe wit ZX-7 excavator

Owners in control

Hitachi puts the owner in control of their profit and fleet with the new range of Zaxis-7 excavators.

In control of profit

The Zaxis-7 excavators have been built to last and tested rigorously at Hitachi’s dedicated facilities in Japan. A wide range of new components have been fitted to further enhance their reliability.

Impressive fuel economy can also be achieved with the new Zaxis-7 machines with up to 10% less fuel consumption than previous models. Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic systems ensure that this performance can be achieved in any application.

The fuel efficiency of Zaxis-7 excavators can be further controlled by using the new ECO gauge, clearly visible on the cab’s multifunctional 8” monitor. Besides reducing costs, better fuel economy has a positive impact on environmental performance.

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In control of your fleet

To enable owners to feel in total control of their fleet and workload, Hitachi offers a wide range of after-sales services and tools.

Two remote monitoring systems, Owner’s Site and ConSite – part of Global e-Service – give owners easy access to data that will help enhance efficiency, tools to plan maintenance and manage running costs, and support throughout the life cycle of the machine. ConSite summarises the information in a monthly email, and the ConSite Pocket app shows real-time alerts should any issues arise.

Maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime are reduced by oil sensors that continuously monitor the quality of engine and hydraulic oil. This also provides owners with peace of mind on the condition of their excavators.

You’re in control of your fleet