Issue 18
Hitachi excavator on site in Norway

Smooth running

Two Norwegian contractors have been making the most of Hitachi’s remote monitoring system to maximise fuel efficiency and productivity, while reducing downtime and total cost of ownership.

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H&K Sandnes

Rune Sandnes, Owner of H&K Sandnes

“We have been receiving ConSite reports every month for the past two years and it’s excellent for monitoring emissions, fuel consumption and availability. We will certainly continue to increase our usage of this tool in the future.”

Rune Sandnes, Owner of H&K Sandnes

H&K Sandnes is a Larvik-based groundworks and drainage contractor. It has taken out a full-service contract and extended warranty for all of its Zaxis machines with the country’s authorised Hitachi dealer, Nasta. This enables it to use Hitachi’s wide range of after-sales services, including Owner’s Site and ConSite.

These two remote monitoring systems send operational data daily via GPRS or satellite from the excavators to globaleservice.com. H&K Sandnes receives automatic reports with important information in a monthly email.

This enables it to monitor fuel consumption and availability to maximise profits, monitor CO2 emissions statistics for local government projects, analyse productivity and receive guidance on how to improve fuel economy.

Owner Rune Sandnes can also view the location of the company’s fleet and real-time information using the ConSite Pocket App.

What is Global e-Service?

You can use two systems that are part of Global e-Service: (Owner’s Site and ConSite), which will give you a valuable insight into your machine’s operation.

Your machine sends operational data on a daily basis to www.globaleservice.com. This gives you access to Owner’s Site and vital information, such as meter readings, location, fuel consumption figures and CO2 emissions, and more.

ConSite is an automated report service that summarises all of the relevant information on a monthly basis. It includes a detailed analysis of operational data, ratios and hours.

Berge Bygdeservice

Simen Berge, Owner of Berge Bygdeservice

“We have used ConSite successfully to reduce the idling time and fuel consumption. With this cost reduction and the reliability of the machines, I am still as happy as I was when I bought the first Hitachi!”

Simen Berge, Owner of Berge Bygdeservice

Based in Lillestrøm, Berge Bygdeservice has a fleet of four Hitachi excavators, including a recently purchased ZX65USB-6. The new Zaxis-6 mini excavator connects to Hitachi’s remote monitoring system, Global e-Service, using the market-leading software platform from ABAX.

When buying the first of a new generation of Zaxis-6 mini excavators, owner Simen was made aware of the latest technology available in remote monitoring systems. “I have downloaded the user-friendly ConSite Pocket app on to my phone and already receive the monthly ConSite report from Hitachi for the two medium excavators.”

This not only simplifies fleet management and maintenance for machine owners such as Simen, but also allows them access to operational data on their machines. It helps to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, maximise availability and reduce running costs.

The software is available for current Hitachi mini and compact machinery, and can also be retrofitted to previous generation models by the authorised Hitachi European dealer network.