Issue 17
Hitachi ZX135US-6 forestry excavator felling trees in France

Smooth operator

Forestry work requires specialised and reliable machines. To provide the perfect fit for one such project, Hitachi modified a ZX135USL-6 special application machine for French contractor Schmitt TP. Find out how the machine meets the demands of the forestry industry.

Dig deeper

Schmitt TP invested in the Hitachi ZX135US-6 special application machine for environmental activities carried out by its subsidiary, Mivois Environnement.

Hitachi ZX135US-6 forestry excavator with grab-and-hold shear attachment felling trees
Hitachi forestry excavator clears the way for French motorway project

One for the road

Mivios specialises in cutting down trees, extracting stumps, wood chipping, and transportation to wood-burning energy boilers. It recently utilised the ZX135US-6 for a project felling trees on a busy dual carriageway near Rennes, France.

Mivios Environnement Director David Bodin

“This machine is more stable than the standard excavator we used for projects like this previously.”

Mivios Environnement Director David Bodin.

A grab-and-hold shear attachment on the ZX135US-6 was used to cut down trees. These are then grinded down into woodchips to later be converted into heat or electricity at a nearby furnace.

Hitachi ZX135US-6 forestry excavator with grab-and-hold shear attachment felling trees

A smooth ride

The factory modified excavator has a higher ground clearance than standard models for smooth travelling on uneven terrain.

A durable carriage also provides exceptional stability, while features such as additional cab roof lighting and a reinforced safety platform offers enhanced operator safety.

ZX135USL-6 machine specifications

Model code
ZX135USL-6 Forestry
Engine rated power
78.5 kW
Operating weight
15,300-16,500 kg
Backhoe bucket ISO heaped
0.19-0.66 m³
Maximum digging reach
8,860 mm
Operator Christophe Polisse

“For my work, I need to be able to see everything. I have the camera, and excellent visibility, it’s great.”

Operator Christophe Polisse.
Hitachi ZX135US-6 forestry excavator with grab-and-hold shear attachment near busy dual carriageway