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Road to construction

Construction company JawTrans is using a ZX350LC-6 medium excavator for the development of the A1 ‘autostrada’ highway – part of route E75, which runs from Norway to Crete.

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Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator in Poland
Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator working for JawTrans


Route E75 begins in Norway and ends 5,600km (3,500 miles) later on the island of Crete. The road is a crucial link between the northernmost parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. The ZX350LC-6 is working on the A1, an important part of this route.

Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator works on the A1


The A1 is 565km (350 miles) long, spanning across Poland from the seaside city of Gdańsk to Gorzyczki on the Czech Republic/Poland border.

Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator earthmoving on the 50km stretch of road


North of Katowice, JawTrans is working on a 50km-long stretch of road. The ZX350LC-6 medium excavator will carry out earthmoving activities to level the hillside and clear a path for the next stage of this project.

Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator empties earth onto a truck for the road


The ZX350LC-6 was delivered in September 2016, less than a year after the initial work started on the road. The A1 highway is expected to be finished by June 2018.

Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator operator Damian Mucha


Over 100 members of staff now work for JawTrans. One of its operators, Damian Mucha, is very enthusiastic about the Zaxis-6 excavator: “The number one feature is the power it provides – this allows me to finish my work quickly and smoothly.”

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Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavator loads a truck


The ZX350LC-6 is loading a continuous stream of trucks that remove surplus material. Over 3,500m3 worth of topsoil is taken from the site each day.

JawTrans owner Krysztof Jawor


JawTrans owner Krysztof Jawor founded the company – which specialises in aggregates, construction, groundworks and demolition – in 2001 when he was just 19.

Hitachi ZX350LC-6 excavating earth in Poland


JawTrans utilises more than 30 units of construction equipment. Many other Hitachi machines have been purchased since the company began, including a ZX250LC-3 excavator – delivered in March 2011 – and a ZX210W-3 wheeled excavator.

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