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A smart motorway

Find out how Hitachi construction machinery plays a significant role in the smart motorway upgrades to the M3 in England

Front view of Hitachi ZX130LCN-5

In the UK, a smart motorway is a section of road that uses active traffic management techniques to increase capacity.

Left view of Hitachi ZX130LCN-5

Subcontractor MJ Church was awarded the earthworks contract on the project by international infrastructure group Balfour Beatty, and work commenced in January 2015.

Right view of Hitachi ZX130LCN-5

At the busiest period during the spring, 107 MJ Church employees were working on the project, supported by a fleet of ten ZX210LC-5s, four ZX130LCN-5s, and a ZX350LC-5.

Front view of Hitachi ZX130LCN-5

MJ Church is concentrating on the verges and central reservation of the M3 project.

MJ Church Works Manager Vernon Creed

“We look after our machines with support from Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK),” explains Works Manager Vernon Creed. “They provide us with an excellent service and even come in on a Saturday if required.”

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Hitachi ZX130LCN-5 excavator

“If you asked ten operators which machine they’d like to drive, eight of them would say ‘Hitachi’,” says Vernon. “They are the operator’s first choice.”

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