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It’s one thing to read about our construction equipment, but to see it in action is something else. So we created iGround Control, an online customer magazine, to share dynamic movies and stunning photography of our machines hard at work. You can view it easily on a desktop or mobile device, whether you’re at home or in the office. Why not sign up for the next issue?


iGround Control Issue 16

Connect together at Bauma


iGround Control Issue 15

Boosting productivity


iGround Control Issue 14

Digger deeper

iGround Control Issue 13

Introducing the latest generation

iGround Control Issue 12

New generation gaining ground

iGround Control Issue 11

Wheel loaders in Greenland

iGround Control Issue 10

zaxis-6 No Compromise

iGround Control Issue 9

The Perfect Fit


iGround Control Issue 8

Driven By Results

iGround Control Issue 7

Gold Rush In Kyrgyzstan

iGround Control Issue 6

HITACHI Zaxis-5 In Action

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