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GET more from your machine with high quality Hitachi attachments

Whether you run a family-owned groundworks company or a multi-national mining operation, Hitachi’s wide range of buckets and ground engaging tools (GET) provide the same level of reliability, durability and quality you can expect from your Hitachi machinery, no matter your requirements.

Made from the highest-quality materials, and fitted and maintained by authorised Hitachi technicians, our attachments are built to last. Designed to be user-friendly, they will increase uptime, improve productivity, and make your Hitachi machinery more versatile than ever.

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Enhance the performance of your equipment

Hitachi and Bradken ground engaging tools (GET) allow you to get even more out of the bucket of your excavator or wheel loader, using high-quality design and materials to extend the lifespan of your machine and reduce operating costs.

  • Reduced maintenance costs, fuel costs and downtime
  • High-quality steel castings – low-profile design for better penetration
  • Easy installation with a reusable locking pin
  • Wide range of self-sharpening teeth for any application

Download the brochure mini excavator Ground Engaging Tools

Download the brochure medium excavator Ground Engaging Tools

Download the brochure Bradken GET and Buckets

The ideal attachment for you

The bucket of your Hitachi excavator or wheel loader is essential to its performance. Our attachments are manufactured to the highest quality and are designed to work in perfect harmony with your machine, to maximise productivity and uptime.

  • Wide range of buckets to suit any application
  • No compromise on quality – produced with the highest quality materials and design expertise
  • Strong connections with pin-on, CW, pin grabber, and S-type couplers
  • Extend the lifetime of your bucket with additional wear package options

Download the brochure on Hitachi buckets for excavators.
Download the brochure on Hitachi buckets for wheel loaders.

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