Hitachi Construction Machinery


Special applications

Our extensive range of construction machinery includes factory-modified excavators that meet the demands of several specific industry applications. These include demolition, material handling, forestry, underground excavation and slope finishing.


As reliable as our standard excavators, our demolition machines come with a number of options to add strength and durability for working in challenging environments, and increased safety for you in the cab. Fitted with mono, two- or three-piece booms, they can reach up to 40m.

Material handling

What can you expect from a Hitachi material handling excavator, over and above the benefits of a standard model? An elevated cab to provide enhanced visibility. A heavier counterweight for greater stability. And a range of attachments and options to meet the demands of the material handling industry.

Telescopic arm

Some of our medium excavators are equipped with a telescopic arm for the removal of soil from depths of 30m below ground. These special application models can also load trucks to transport the material swiftly off site. Thanks to their enhanced hydraulics, they operate smoothly and efficiently, increasing productivity on complex and challenging urban excavation projects.

Straight boom front

These medium excavators are designed to carry out sorting, low-level demolition and above ground-level tasks. Compared to our standard models, they offer a significant height increase in working range with excellent lift capacity. You can expect them to handle vast quantities of material with speed, precision and efficiency.


Our modified short-tail swing excavators are ideal for making access routes, as well as cutting, shearing, chopping, dragging, measuring and loading. Offering excellent stability, durability and excellent visibility, they are suitable for all kinds of forestry work.

Super long front

Our super long front excavators reach further than our standard excavators, which makes them an ideal solution for dredging rivers and lakes, bank maintenance and slope finishing work. Produced in Europe, they meet the requirements of our European customers. You can choose from a wide variety of models – the range extends from nine- to 50-tonne models.


We have developed an amphibious excavator that offers excellent mobility on soft terrain and swamps. Available for the African market, it has a special undercarriage, wide tracks, durable roller chains and hollow steel shoes to operate effectively in challenging and muddy working conditions.


Space is limited on tunnelling projects, so you need a compact excavator with a short boom and arm that offers an exceptional performance underground. We’ve developed this model with a variety of features focusing on productivity, durability, comfort and safety, and easy maintenance, so you can rely on it to dig deep for lengthy periods of time.

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