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Kazutoshi Yoshioka Biography

Kazutoshi Yoshioka is HCME’s Director of Production & Procurement, and a member of the Management Board. He reports directly to the President, CEO & Chairman of the Management Board.

Mr Yoshioka is responsible for managing production and procurement at both of HCME’s factories, ensuring effective cooperation across all departments. He began his career at HCM in 1980 in production engineering, before becoming manager of the production department in 2000. After that, he gained experience at HTM in Canada (a subsidiary and supplier of rigid dump trucks to HCM) before moving back to HCM in 2010, and then on to HCME in 2015.

Mr Yoshioka has also spent time working under HCM’s General Manager in the production department at the Tsuchiura Works in Japan. Mr Yoshioka is currently overseeing some large-scale changes at the factories to establish a more flexible offering for HCME’s customers, and provide shorter lead times for authorised dealers.

Mr Yoshioka graduated from the Tokuyama College of Technology in Japan, where he studied electrical and mechanical engineering.

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