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Engine indicators with AdBlue updates

Zaxis-6 excavators feature several useful engine indicators including a high exhaust temperature alert, SCR regeneration request and AdBlue® level indication. These can help to maximise the performance of your fleet, and minimise downtime, through a better awareness of engine conditions.

Exhaust and SCR regeneration indicators

An indicator informs the operator when the exhaust gas temperature is high, or when SCR (selective catalytic reduction) regeneration is in progress.

In addition, a request alarm will advise operators when manual regeneration procedures must be performed.

AdBlue® level alarm indicator

Three unique alarms alert operators to the level of AdBlue® in the tank, which can be monitored by a number of segments (initially green).

When the level decreases below 10%, the gauge on the monitor will display a yellow segment. An alert message is displayed, and the buzzer will sound once.

A single red segment will be displayed when AdBlue® levels drop below 5%. A warning message will appear, and the buzzer will sound every second. The engine torque will also be restricted at this time, and the AdBlue® tank should be refilled as soon as possible.

When the AdBlue® tank is empty, the gauge no longer displays a segment. A warning message will appear, and the buzzer will sound continuously as both engine output and engine speed are restricted. The operator must immediately move the machine to a safe place, stop the engine and refill the AdBlue® tank.

Urea SCR system failure indicator

A similar three-step indication system has been implemented in the unlikely event of the urea SCR system failing. The first reveals initial failure, the second warns that engine output is restricted, and the third highlights that both engine output and speed are restricted.

In all cases, this alert indicates that you should contact your authorised Hitachi dealer as soon as possible.

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